3 Tips To Avoid A Jacksonville Foreclosure

Just because the state and national foreclosure numbers are going down does not mean that the potential loss of your home is not a reality for many Jacksonville residents every day. An incredibly scare and intimidating time, dealing with major outstanding debt obligations can be an all-consuming event making every day seem like you have a little less time to get back on track. As a practicing Jacksonville  Florida bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney, I fully understand the concerns that are unfairly ruling your everyday life. For many, your house is much more than an investment and a place to sleep but it is where you feel at home and provide stability for your family and losing it would be devastating, to say the least. If you are behind on your mortgage payments or facing a potential foreclosure on your home, give Jacksonville attorney Robert Peters a call today to discuss your options. While your bank may make you feel otherwise, you do have options and we can come up with a solution that lets you avoid the impact of a foreclosure.


Avoiding foreclosure is a major priority for many of the clients I work with everyday. In addition to losing your house and potentially still owing money there are also well-placed concerns around ever being a homeowner or getting credit again. With than in mind, here’s a look at some top tips on how to avoid a Jacksonville foreclosure:


  1. Take Action!: One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when facing a potential foreclosure action on their home or condo (or any debt problem) is to freeze and take no action to prevent it. That is a huge mistake you do not want to make! Ignoring the problem will certainly not make it go away (quite the opposite will happen, actually) so make sure that when you start getting behind on your financial obligations, you take action and give me a call. The sooner you act the better so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today!
  2. Understand Your Finances: What does your current financial situation look like? What does your future financial situation look like? How behind are you on your monthly mortgage payments? Do you have other outstanding debts? And was there something out of your control (i.e. a medical issue) that caused you to get into the financial issue you are currently dealing with?  A complete understanding of your financial situation is one of the first steps in determining which foreclosure avoidance option is best for you and your family. Spending the time to really get to know your finances can also help you get out of debt in other areas of your life and begin creating a budget that actually works for you.
  3. Know Your Options: Many of my clients are shocked to find out they have any options at all but you do! Whether it is a loan modification, a forbearance request or a short sale—your first consultation with me always includes a comprehensive run down of all the options available to you and your family. I have helped countless individuals and families avoid foreclosure and can do the same for you and your family. I even wrote a book entitled “Florida Survival Guide” and you can find it and download it at my website  by clicking HERE.




Robert Peters, Attorney

When you work with Jacksonville attorney Robert Peters, you are working with someone who truly cares about getting you a financial fresh start. With years of experience helping clients get out of debt and moving forward, give Robert Peters a call today to discuss your options. If you are dealing with a potential Jacksonville foreclosure, time is of the essence—call today at (904) 421-6907 or email [email protected]! I look forward to working with you!



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