An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville gives a word to the wise

uncontested divorce attorney in Jacksonville FL

Be careful with online legal advice! As an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, I provide legal advice to people using my real name and I refuse to use a pen name for my online activities. Using my real name adds to my credibility because of the value I place on honesty and transparency.  As Taylor Swift said it best: “Never, ever, ever… like ever…” take the advice of someone who hides their identity online.  I caution you to be very careful of doing so when dealing with sensitive issues involving family law in Florida. Many people rely on web-site and blogs as an outlet to obtain free legal advice. Whatever the type of advice you are looking for remember to be on the lookout for these red flags:

  • Sites calling themselves an expert but hiding behind a screen name;
  • Anyone selling “answers” as part of a purchase (ie: membership)
  • Sites providing no credentials
  • Sites offering an extremely low fee for do-it-yourself packets
  • There are many companies out there which will direct you to their website
  • only for you to reach a page that offers you their “free information
  • packet” with a paid subscription to their site or newsletter. Those offers
  • are largely scams and should be researched extremely carefully, if not
  • avoided altogether.

Bottom line – Don’t take the advice of someone claiming to be an Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville if they can’t show proof of those claims.  Every state and district have their own rules.  Only those experienced in Family law in Jacksonville, FL can provide you the best advice on the process and procedures in our courts.

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