Bankruptcy Tips – Getting Ready for Those Debt Collector Calls

debt-collector-150x150With the end of the Christmas season, many folks who are facing debt collection in Florida for those overdue bills may see a quiet lull in January. If you were thinking that your debt was so high you need to begin considering filing for bankruptcy, now may be a good time to catch your breath and look seriously at whether you are a good candidate.

Because debt collection agencies know most folks have spent what spare cash they had on the holiday buying frenzy, they usually don’t call in January. But get ready for a blitz in February and March, along with some phony debt collection calls that are expected to rise. But even the real deal can be overwhelming and you can expect a barrage of calls once February begins.

January Breather is Deceptive
The reason for this is simple. Many of us expect to see a nice tax refund in the form of a check around February or March, and that is what debt collectors are counting on. They will work hard to convince you that spending that tax rebate to pay off your outstanding debt is your best route. But before you make that agreement, find out all your options. This is why that quiet January period can be a great help for anyone with a pile of debt and looking for solutions.
Get the Facts

So in reality, it might not be a bad idea to use the quieter time in January to reassess your finances and discuss your situation with a bankruptcy lawyer in Florida or your local area. One helpful tool is our free book called Myths, Secrets and the Truth About Bankruptcy. It is a great book to walk you through the process of deciding if bankruptcy will be a help for you or not. Everyone’s situation is different, so knowing all your options for your particular financial bind will help you make the right decision when those calls start up again in February.
Making Smart Decisions in 2013

Like many of us, I am sure that getting your finances in order is one of your New Year’s resolutions. It is a natural time to want to make a clean break from financial moves that might have put us in dire straits, and move on to greener pastures. If you have just gone through a tough year, and are breathing a sigh of relief as the debt calls back off for January, don’t be fooled. Download our book to help you see the truth of where you stand today. Then contact us to set up your free appointment to discuss your situation and find out what the best solution will be. Let’s both start this year with some smart decisions that will guide us through to a happier 2013.