Do We Need Credit Repair in Jacksonville FL?

My marketing budget is pretty healthy these days; sometimes so much it hurts… But, recently my marketing guru informed me that there is a surge of folks searching for information about credit repair in Jacksonville, FL.   You can call me a credit repair lawyer, debt lawyer, debt, attorney, Jacksonville financial lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, and I’ve

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A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, sometimes referred to as the wage earner’s plan, was designed for the debtor who has a regular stream of income and who can afford to pay back some or, in certain situations, all of their debts.  For those debtors who are above the median income level in the State of Florida Continue reading

Why Reaffirm Your Mortgage Debt?

For many of my chapter 7 clients it’s hard enough for them to grasp the severity of their financial condition, which unfortunately and oftentimes includes unemployment, loss of income, divorce any many other life changes.  In those rare instances when a mortgage lender actually sends over a reaffirmation agreement asking if a debtor is interested

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Discharging a Student Loan through Bankruptcy

While it can be difficult to discharge a student loan through bankruptcy, it is possible.   The Federal Bankruptcy Code requires that Debtor’s prove that the payment of the student loan would impose an “undue hardship” to themselves or their dependents.   For example, if a debtor is not able to maintain a “minimal” standard of Continue reading

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

Truth – nobody really wants to file for bankruptcy.   Most people want to pay their debts and in an ideal world they would.  If this describes you then I really want you to read this blog to fully understand what you are getting into. Debt Settlement can be an extremely useful tool for some people.   Continue reading