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If the sight of the mailman coming to your door or the ring of your phone puts you on constant edge, keep reading. Dealing with the loss of your house to a Florida foreclosure proceeding is a very terrifying and life-altering event, one that many individuals do not realize they can actually take measures to avoid. The bottom line is this: doing nothing changes nothing so rather than avoid and accept the issue, face and overcome it by working with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney. At the Florida law offices of Robert Peters, Attorney, we have the experience and track record you want to help you and your family throughout this stressful and confusing process.


When it comes to Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach foreclosures, you have more options that, depending on your individual financial situation and goals, can include:


  • Loan modification: In some instances, you may be able to change the terms of your loan (or loans) with your existing lender. A very popular option when it is available, this involves a new written agreement that serves to modify one or more of your original unmanageable loan terms to ultimately make your monthly payments something you can afford going forward and just as importantly, helps to avoid foreclosure on your house.
  • Stall: sometimes a little more time is all your really need to get back on track enough to stay in your home and avoid the foreclosure process entirely. We know all the methods by which you may be able to obtain more time. A mortgage loan forbearance is a great option for some individuals that fell on hard times and could not make payments but will be able to going forward.
  • Short sale: A short sale is a great option for many of our clients to take advantage of to avoid the impact of a foreclosure on their credit and finally move forward without the weight of overwhelming debt constantly consuming them. Simply put, a short sale is an arrangement in which you sell your home for less than what you owe on it, giving the bank the sale proceeds and having the rest of your outstanding debt forgiven. At the law offices of Roberts Peters, Attorney, we will guide you through this sometimes lengthy process and handle all the negotiations with your existing lender as well as any condo or homeowners’ association.
  • Deed-in-lieu Foreclosure: In addition to concerns surrounding the loss of your house and the uncertainty that comes with this major financial and emotional hit, many individuals and families worry about the lasting impact a foreclosure will have on their credit and ability to own a home in the future. A deed-in-lieu foreclosure is a complicated action that essentially lets you sell your house back to your bank and take less of a hit to your credit.


As you can see from the list above, working with an experienced foreclosure attorney can not only come up with the best option for you but put the stress an impending foreclosure has had on you to rest, once and for all.


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Remember doing nothing changes nothing.

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