Going Bankrupt and the Truth About $200 Bankruptcy Deals

going bankrupt

You get what you pay for, even in a bankruptcy.

If you know that going bankrupt is the route you will need to take, you have probably considered those cut-rate offers you see on the highway signs. You know the ones I mean. They offer to walk you through you bankruptcy for $200.

Have you ever wondered just what you get in a $200 bankruptcy or divorce? These days $200 will simply buy you a night on the town. So how is it possible that something as complicated as getting yourself out of a financial hole by going bankrupt is this easy and cheap?

Face it, these sound like a good deal, especially for anyone facing all kinds of financial troubles including knowing that going bankrupt is in the cards. But are they even worth the $200 you will spend? Let’s take a look at what these kinds of bankruptcy businesses actually offer you.

Not a Lawyer in Sight

The first thing you will need to know is that none of these firms have a lawyer that you will deal with while going through your bankruptcy. There may be a paralegal around, but mostly it is clerks churning through the paperwork. The only way you will ever see a lawyer doing a cheap bankruptcy for you is if that lawyer is a relative. Sure, your brother or father-in-law might be willing to do it for you “at cost”, but outside of that be aware that these cut-rate firms will not have you sitting down with a lawyer when you talk to them.

Getting Paperwork Done

Yes, it is true that filing for bankruptcy involves a fair amount of complicated paperwork. But it is far more than just filling out forms. Most of these cheap bankruptcy places will simply fill out the standard forms in a pretty standard way. They are not prepared for any difference in your bankruptcy versus someone else’s bankruptcy.

More to the point, they will not have anyone around to help you with other aspects of your bankruptcy. They will type up the forms and then you are on your own to figure out the rest.  If you get a request from the Bankruptcy Trustee do you know what to do? Have you ever attended a Meeting of the Creditors before? These are important questions because you need to be prepared for them. Without a lawyer to guide you through the process you may be missing opportunities or filing when you don’t even need to do so.

What a Real Bankruptcy Lawyer Provides

When you sign on with a Florida bankruptcy lawyer you are hiring the lawyer and his office, who are experienced in what you are going to be going through. Thousands of people go through the process of going bankrupt every day, so your lawyer knows all the procedures and what to expect in your case.

If you want a good idea of just what a lawyer will do for you beyond just filling out the paperwork, take a look at our video and information on what to expect from your attorney. You will see that there is far more to going bankrupt then just filling out some forms.

Educate Yourself About going Bankrupt

In this age of information at our fingertips you don’t have to go through a bankruptcy without the knowledge of what it all means. Be prepared and make smart decisions by reading up about the laws regarding bankruptcy in Florida with our free eBook Myths, Secrets and the Truth About Bankruptcy in Florida (it’s the second one down in our list of free eBooks).

Read about what really happens when you file for bankruptcy here in Florida before you make that decision. You may find out there are other solutions to going bankrupt, or you may find that filing is your smartest move. Either way, you will know what is best and the smartest way to proceed. Then contact our offices to get your free consultation to see how using a real Florida bankruptcy lawyer will in the end save you money and certainly plenty of worry.