Jacksonville Bankruptcy Law Firm Advises Dress Right for Court

business casual, Jacksonville Bankruptcy Law FirmAs a local Jacksonville bankruptcy law firm, we have been advising our clients for years not to “dress native” when the time comes for that inevitable court appearance. With our plentiful sunshine and mild climate, it might be tempting for many to show up in court dressed in shorts and flip flops.

“But a day in court is not a day at the beach”, advises our lead counsel, Jacksonville bankruptcy law firm head Robert Peters, “and you shouldn’t show up dressed like it.”

While that may be good advice, not everyone thinks this way before heading into court. Going through a bankruptcy can be a stressful process. No matter what your situation, if you are filing for bankruptcy and your attorney and you are heading to meet with your creditors, this is not the day to show up “looking poor”. Casual jeans with holes in the knees and T-shirts with your favorite band may even be what you wear to work in some situations. But it should never be what you wear to court, no matter how you feel or where you live.

Leave the Beach at the Beach

While it may be true that just about anywhere in Florida is within a short drive of a beach, when you show up in court for your initial “Meeting with Creditors” you want to present yourself to the court in the best possible light. This means that you should dress as if you were going into the office for business. Here are some basic rules:

  • For Men – Dressing in a suit is not needed, but if you have something you would consider “business casual” such as a sport jacket with button down shirt and slacks, that would be okay. No loud colors or prints, though. Think respect for the court and you will be fine.
  • For Women – While a business suit and heels is not needed, a nice skirt and blouse or pants suit would work. Summer dresses as long as they are not of the “cocktail dress” variety are also fine. Sandals when they are more of the dressy variety are also a good choice.

Your Jacksonville Bankruptcy Law Firm in Court

The truth of the matter is, outside of that one meeting with the creditors, it is rare for our clients to ever need to go back into court. If a court appearance is needed to explain a part of the petition to the court, we generally will go ourselves. As explained in our section on our website entitled “what to expect from your attorney“, most of the work regarding the petition for filing for bankruptcy is done through paperwork filed with the courts these days. So going before an actual judge is fairly rare.

Know What to Expect

If you are currently looking at the possibility of filing for bankruptcy in the Jacksonville Florida region, you need to know what to expect. You can find out about the process, what it takes to file and how long it takes by simply downloading our free eBook Myths, Secrets and Truths About Bankruptcy in Florida. It is the second book listed on our page of free eBooks.

You can either read that first or even just contact us directly today for your free consultation. We are always here to answer questions if you are trying to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right next step for you. As your local Jacksonville bankruptcy law firm, we know and understand our neighbors and are here to help you find the right solution.