Jacksonville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Straight bankruptcy, or Chapter 7 of the United States Federal Bankruptcy Code, allows you to discharge, which means get rid of and not pay back, debts, bills, and financial obligations and keep almost everything you own. Often you pay back very little and keep all of your property.

Straight bankruptcy, in most instances, gives a family or a single adult, the chance to start again without the real burden of bills. Straight bankruptcy allows you to have a fresh start and even to buy property again. Did you know that many people do straight bankruptcy and keep their home, car, furniture, and cash in the bank? It’s a federal law and it’s their right.

Will Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Get Rid of All Your Debt?
Jacksonville bankruptcy Attorney Robert Peters answers that question in this brief video:

Chapter 7 Eligibility
You need to discuss your eligibility for Chapter 7 with an attorney in Jacksonville who knows how to properly calculate, and will take the time to calculate, your eligibility. We can’t tell you how many times folks have come to see us, after some other attorney told them that they were above median income or that they have to file Chapter 13 only to have us properly “do the math” and find that they could, and should, file a Chapter 7.

Discuss Your Bankruptcy Options
You absolutely need to discuss your options with a qualified Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney you can trust. Schedule a free Chapter 7 bankruptcy consultation in Jacksonville or some other city in Duval County or Fernandina Beach today.