Jacksonville Florida Foreclosure Investigation

robo-signing Jacksonville florida foreclosure

Could robo-signing be behind the latest Jacksonville Florida foreclosures?

A deal has been reached with a Jacksonville Florida foreclosure processing service. This “robo-signing” investigation could result in a $120 million settlement. The company, Lender Processing Services (LPS) is headquartered in Jacksonville. It has been the subject of several investigations in the last year. The current multi-state agreement is the result of an effort by several attorneys genera. They have been investigating numerous complaints of improper foreclosure practices by a number of major mortgage servers. These companies included such top players as J.P. Morgan and Bank of America.

Jacksonville Florida Foreclosures

For anyone who has ever had to face foreclosure in the Jacksonville Florida area, this news will come as no real surprise. Last November’s indictment of employees with the company on robo-signing charges was widely known. The company has been under the scrutiny of the Attorney General’s Office for quite some time.  Robo-signing investigations have been underway for several years. Yet even with last year’s scandals, it still persists.

So how does an ordinary home owner find out if their foreclosure is among those investigated? What if you currently own your home but are struggling to make the payments? Do you have recourse? These are all important questions. You will need an experienced legal representative to get answers.

Foreclosure Rights

If you have received a foreclosure notice you still have rights. Even if you just think you might get one soon. It is important to understand what these are. It is also important to know what you can do if it looks like a foreclosure is in your future. Here in Jacksonville Florida, foreclosure isn’t the end. It doesn’t have to mean you need to hand your home over to some faceless financial institution.

Find out the reality of Jacksonville Florida foreclosure. Understnad what you can do about it today. We have written a free eBook about foreclosure in Florida called The Foreclosure Survival Guide. Order it today to learn more. Better yet, make an appointment for your free consultation to see what you can do about foreclosure. The robo-signing of foreclosure documents by companies like LPS is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn the truth when it comes to Jacksonville Florida foreclosure scams. The best defense is a good offense. So let us help you with experienced foreclosure legal advice that can make a difference to help you restart your life today.