My Title Company Says I Need a Quiet Title Action – What Now?

You might be scratching your head and asking yourself why you should be paying for a Quiet Title Action. Investopedia has a pretty good description of a cloud on the title impairing your real property.  Guess what?? That means you don’t have marketable title and will struggle selling your Florida real property.  With that being said, I want you to consider Florida Quiet Title as adding marketable value to your real property.  Here’s the deal: Most buyers will insist upon title insurance in order to insure their purchase and mortgage lenders require title insurance as a part of the closing.  Clearing your title opens your deal up to all prospective buyers, not just cash purchases from other investors.  This is not something a title company can handle for you, as Florida Title Companies are prohibited from performing any work for you without the issuance of title insurance, it’s against the law.  So, HIRE ME, Florida Quiet Title Attorney, Robert Peters, to navigate you through the process.  I offer flexible payments and I can guarantee you won’t find anyone else across the State of Florida that will be more efficient and proactive as my law practice.

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