Protect yourself from Identity Theft in Jacksonville, FL

identity theft protection Jacksonville FLDon’t become a victim of Identity theft.  There are many steps protect yourself. Identify thieves are very smart and believe me they’ve done their homework on how to intercept your personal information.

The damage from Identity theft can take years to undo, so I’ve listed a few tips below to help protect your personal information from thieves:

  • Never use your maiden name or your mother’s maiden name as a password on your accounts. It’s best to use fictitious or random passwords that have nothing to do with your personal life and remember to change your passwords every few months.
  • When paying for gas at the pump – before sliding your card check for skimmers. Click here for a great article on identifying skimmers at fuel pumps.
  • Obtain credit cards that have your photo identification on them. In the event your card is lost or stolen this will be a problem for the thief.
  • Remove your name off any promotional or sales lists.
  • Memorize your social security numbers and passwords.
  • When a company calls you, NEVER give out your personal information, and they should not ask you for your social security number. If they do, this is a red-flag!
  • Everyone shops online, but be sure to the Internet site is an encrypted or secured site before providing your debit or credit card information.
  • Always monitor your bank statements for any transactions that you may not recognize.
  • Order credit reports once a year from and review them for errors.


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