Purchasing Tax Deeds in Florida

Purchasing tax deeds can be a lucrative but also risky business.  My best advice to investors is to make sure you fully understand what to expect when you find yourself the new owner of a Florida tax deed property.   Yes, you are the proud owner of a piece of property that you just purchased for pennies on the dollar, but keep in mind the reason the property was at auction in the first place… non-payment of taxes.  Most times, we find that owners who stop paying their property taxes may also have other issues affecting the title to the property.  For instance, unsatisfied mortgages, nuisance liens, federal tax liens, not to mention what if the owners are dead, then what???  Sometimes, the prior owners or even unknown occupants refuse to leave the property after the tax deed sale, which you as the new owner must deal with.

You see, each and every case is entirely different and, more often than not, extremely complex. That’s why it is so important to hire a lawyer with the experience necessary to properly navigate through the quiet title process.   As a fellow real estate investor I understand the importance of getting a clear title as soon as possible.  Time is money and I don’t waste any time on my Quiet Title cases.  You will not find any attorney in the State of Florida that can turn around a Quiet Title Action as quickly and efficiently as my office.

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