Restarting the New Year: Making a Will

making a willWe all like to think we will live forever, but we know it isn’t true. But for many, just the act of considering making a will feels tantamount to admitting our own mortality. The oncoming year is a good reason to take stock of what you have, decide what happens if you are hit by a car tomorrow, and get it all down in writing. But if you are like most folks, you aren’t sure where to start. Here is a list of the basics to get you organized before you make the trip to the lawyers, to save on those expensive hours.


It is important to look at all your assets when making a will and the best way to start is make a list. Decide on what you want going to charity and what you want to have go to your spouse, children and others. Also, if you are married remember that both you and your spouse should make separate wills. Because we can’t predict the future always name an alternate beneficiary as well.


An executor is the person who will make sure that your will is carried out according to your wishes. Choose wisely and make sure they know you have named them in your will as your executor.

Guardians for Children

If you have children that are still minors when making your will, name someone to be their guardians. This is especially important if you have your children named to inherit property in your will. Often the guardian is the oldest child if they are no longer a minor or a close relative, but it doesn’t have to be someone who is related. As with the role of executor, make sure you discuss this with them and let them know first.

Get Legal Advice Before Signing

Of course, the final act of making your will is ensuring you have signed your will before two witnesses. But before you do so, you might want to go over everything you are considering in your will with legal counsel. These days, so many of us go to the web for everything that it might be tempting to just use a form from an online service. But before making that Will a legal document, it is worth the time and money to have someone with a legal background check it over for you first.

Change is Inevitable

Life is full of changes and it helps to have legal counsel when we are looking at big changes in our lives such as making your will. If you are considering drawing up a will, filing for divorce or perhaps considering bankruptcy get the legal help you need first. We are always happy to discuss your situation first to help you discover the best approach. Contact our offices or visit our website and find out what steps you need to take before making those big changes in life.