Do We Need Credit Repair in Jacksonville FL?

My marketing budget is pretty healthy these days; sometimes so much it hurts… But, recently my marketing guru informed me that there is a surge of folks searching for information about credit repair in Jacksonville, FL.   You can call me a credit repair lawyer, debt lawyer, debt, attorney, Jacksonville financial lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, and I’ve

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Most folks don’t realize that the clock starts ticking the moment you are served with a Summons in a foreclosure action.  In most cases you have 20 days to respond to the Foreclosure Complaint to avoid being defaulted and giving the lender the upper hand in fast tracking the remainder of the foreclosure process. The Continue reading

Elements of a Short Sale

Unfortunately, many people fall prey to the numerous misconceptions about Florida short sales, resulting in their failure to pursue these means as a valid debt relief option. As an attorney that focuses heavily on representing those facing debt relief issues, I have heard all of them. The good news is that a Fernandina Beach short Continue reading