Celebrity Foreclosures

We can always learn a lot of valuable legal lessons from celebrities. From divorces to bankruptcy to foreclosure, the public play by play of everything is a great way to learn how to avoid their legal issues and stay on the right track. Lindsey Lohan and her family have always been great (or bad) examples Continue reading


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, sometimes referred to as the wage earner’s plan, was designed for the debtor who has a regular stream of income and who can afford to pay back some or, in certain situations, all of their debts.  For those debtors who are above the median income level in the State of Florida Continue reading

Purchasing Tax Deeds in Florida

Purchasing tax deeds can be a lucrative but also risky business.  My best advice to investors is to make sure you fully understand what to expect when you find yourself the new owner of a Florida tax deed property.   Yes, you are the proud owner of a piece of property that you just purchased for

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