Most folks don’t realize that the clock starts ticking the moment you are served with a Summons in a foreclosure action.  In most cases you have 20 days to respond to the Foreclosure Complaint to avoid being defaulted and giving the lender the upper hand in fast tracking the remainder of the foreclosure process.

The smart move is to immediately obtain the advice of an attorney who has extensive experience litigating foreclosure suits. A qualified attorney can determine if there are any facts or issues that can be raised in your defense, offering clients additional time to entertain all of their options or even find a new place to live.  The most common defenses that can be raised are errors in regulatory procedures and deficiencies in required disclosures, but each case is different so it’s important to have an attorney thoroughly review your particular case.

Furthermore, just because you were served with a foreclosure suit doesn’t mean you are barred from trying to negotiate a modification, short sale, deed in lieu, or even bankruptcy.  Having a local Jacksonville, Florida attorney, not only familiar with these areas of law, but also with the local court policies and procedures will ensure that all of your bases are covered.

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