Shhhh….Quiet Title

If you have dabbled in much real estate, you may have heard the legal term Quiet Title before.  Although it sounds like you may need to keep it on the down low, there is nothing at all secretive about this process.  Feel free to shout it from the rooftops, as this version of the word Quiet refers to clearing up a disorderly or “loud” title issue on your real property.

In Florida, our laws allow property owners the right to clear up any confusion as to the ownership of their land, as well as dealing with any problems that might be considered a “cloud” on the title.  This “cloud” could be an old lien or mortgage against the property, unpaid property taxes that resulted in the sale of the property and the issuance of a tax deed, legal description problems, or even others claiming some right or interest in the property.  This clean up process is done by filing a Quiet Title Action lawsuit by the property owner and suing any and all persons or entities that may have some interest in the property.  Once the process has been finalized, the Judge issues a court order determining the rightful property owner, resolving any disputes, and entitling the Plaintiff to good title.

In some cases, Quiet Title actions can be a bit complicated, and that is why it’s crucial to have an experienced Florida real estate attorney guide you along the way.  As an investor myself, and a real estate lawyer for over 20 years, I have seen just about every scenario possible.

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