The Gift of Knowledge: Tax Deed Quiet Title Guide

Understanding what you are getting into will help navigate you through the process. This guide is by no means an exhaustive overview of the topic; it is merely just an introduction. For those of you who are already hip-deep into the real estate investment process it might even be a bit of a refresher course. If you are have purchased or considering investing in tax deeds, do yourself a favor and download my e-book.   Here’s a quick peek at some of the topics discussed:

“ … The easiest way to understand a quiet title action is to see that basically it is a lawsuit, brought against anyone who may be able to claim title to the property you have…. ”

“ … Generally you can count on it taking anywhere from 3 – 6 months for the case to go through the courts once the search has been done. It could be as quick as two months if the number of claimants is small … ”

“ … There are no restrictions to the purchasing of a tax deed certificate. The only requirement is that you have the cash on hand to make the purchase when you bid …

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