Understanding What a Florida Tax Deed Quiet Title Action Does

When you’re the successful bidder at a tax deed sale, more often than not, the real property you purchased comes with a little bit of baggage, in the form of title problems. A Quiet Title Action is a lawsuit filed to specifically clear up any problems (referred to as “a cloud” in legalese) with the title to your real property.  In the tax deed scenario, the former property owners did not sign a deed conveying their interest in the property.  In fact, they lost the property for non-payment of taxes, so keep in mind that the tax office is a lien holder trying to unload the property without any guarantees of the status of the title.

WARNING – WARNING – if you are an experienced investor, you will understand this is a red flag of other unknown title issues such as outstanding mortgages, liens, deceased owners and/or their heirs claiming an interest in the real property, or even legal description problems.

My job as your Florida Quiet Title Attorney is to get a court ruling (Final Judgment in legalese) that “quiets” any and all claims that could be asserted by any interested parties and provide you legal and marketable title to the property. So, if you purchased real property at a Florida Tax Deed Auction and want to close your deal with a title company, you’ll need to obtain a Quiet Title Action to get that title insurance policy.

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