Why Hiring Attorney Robert Peters will Help Save You Time and Money on Your Florida Quiet Title

Obtaining a Quiet Title is a legal action and getting help from an experienced Florida Real Estate Lawyer who specializes in these actions will save you both time and money. Attorney Robert Peters handles Quiet Title actions throughout the entire State of Florida. He has the knowledge and the experience to get the job done quickly, affordably, and with a positive outcome for you.

“Robert Peters filed and completed a Quiet Title Action for us on a Tax Deed property this year. Although Robert Peters is a well known Bankruptcy Attorney, I learned while searching for a Quiet Title attorney that Robert has also been a real estate investor and had Quiet Title experience. I wanted an attorney who understands tax deed challenges specific to real estate investors. Title actions can drag out longer than necessary unless your attorney is well versed in Quiet Title actions and is really on top of the service and response/default timelines. Robert and his Paralegal, Michelle did a great job of meeting the servicing challenges that cropped up in our case and of pushing the bank we served to respond within the allotted time. If left up to the bank, they would have dragged out their response for months. Because Robert understands the process and the law, the bank was not permitted to tie up or drag out the process. Robert and Michelle kept me informed and kept the process moving! They did a great job, I highly recommend Peters Law for Quiet Title Actions and will be using their services again” – Dana Lando 

Robert has a degree in real estate from Florida State University and is a C.P.A. and a real estate investor himself, so he understands the process. With Robert on your side, you’ll be able to get a clear title on your property so you can proceed with selling your real property as quickly as possible.

Florida Quiet Title Lawyer, Robert Peters, can assist you with every step in the Quiet Title process.  Give us a call today at 904-491-1083 or visit the Quiet Title section of my website here.  Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe!