The whole purpose of investing is to get a good return on your money.  In my experience, purchasing tax deeds have proven to be an excellent strategy where real property can be sold in a matter of months, allowing me to walk away from closing with a check in my hand.

As with most things in life, it takes a little money to make money.  But, remember that you are getting a deal, sometimes purchasing real property for as little as a few thousand dollars of taxes owed.  You will want to set aside some funds to clear the title and, in some cases, you may have to use a little elbow grease to get the property up to par to go on the market.

If you find yourself the lucky winner of a tax deed auction, contact a Florida experienced quiet title attorney (Robert Peters 904-491-1083) for a quote to clear up your title ASAP.  The very first thing any attorney should suggest to you is a title search.  The average cost for a search ranges between $150-200, depending on the title company.  Once your attorney has reviewed the title search, you will have a better idea of the total costs involved with quieting the title and court costs.  It is very important to ask if your attorney has extensive experience in tax deed quiet title actions.  Also, attorney fees can vary, so I charge a flat fee rather than billable hours.  This can make a huge difference in your out of pocket costs and you need to keep this in mind when choosing your attorney.

Once you have retained an attorney, go ahead and list your property on the market.  Be sure to have your attorney review any contract before you sign and be clear with your realtor that any sale is subject to the successful completion of a quiet title action rendering the title to your real property marketable.  It’s very possible 3-4 months after you acquire your tax deed property, you could be walking away from a closing with a big check in your hands.  That, my friend, is why you want to invest in tax deeds.

CONTACT ME, Florida Quiet Title Attorney, Robert Peters, to help you with your Quiet Title action.  I offer flexible payments and I can guarantee you won’t find anyone else across the State of Florida that will be more efficient and proactive as my office. Give me a call today at 904-491-1083 or visit the Quiet Title section of my website here.  Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe!  Until next time, good luck investing!