Would I Qualify for a Mortgage Modification with my mortgage company?

You are behind on your mortgage and completely stressed out over the thought of losing your home. Panic mode has set in and you are at your wits’ end.  Unfortunately, panic mode doesn’t help anybody in any circumstance, particularly in dealing with your mortgage lender. Fortunately, we are here to help you!  So, take a deep breath and contact the Law Office of Robert Peters at 904-421-6907. My office will provide you guidance, our expertise, and straight-forward direction when trying to navigate through the mortgage modification process.

Let’s face it, the continual changing world of mortgage modifications is hard to keep up with. But if you are looking to modify your Florida mortgage with _________________, I know exactly what options are available to you, and I can help!  I have an expert in my office, Joy, who handles all of my modification clients.  You won’t ever be passed around from one person to another. Joy works with you every step of the way, from collecting your financial documents until your modification is finalized. If Joy cannot get you a modification, good luck finding someone who can!

Every lender has different rules and different ways of communicating with their customers.  Communication is the key here, and that’s something lenders need to do much better job of.  Most people don’t understand the legal jargon in the paperwork their lenders send to them, making it difficult just to get started with the modification process. Borrowers face hurdle after hurdle until they give up.  That’s why hiring an experienced attorney to help you through the modification process is not only helpful, but a smart move.  For those of you who have already been turned down for a mortgage loan modification with _______________________ and still need assistance, speaking to an experienced attorney is even more important. Not only can I can assist you with lowering your mortgage payments, but I can make sure your lender hasn’t violated any laws during the process.

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